#LUPA – Day Two: The Verb Inspire

Hello and welcome to #LUPA Day Two! 

I LOVED yesterday’s results, and can’t wait to continue it along. You don’t have to participate every day, or participate at all in order to do this. Just read the prompts, and take a moment to reflect about what’s written. if you’re moved to, maybe leave me a message about your thoughts! 

Today’s prompt is: The verb inspire. 

We all talk about how people “Inspire” us. To inspire means “to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence” and I would say that’s a good definition of what it feels like physically to be inspired. But what’s that “exalting influence” made of? WHAT inspires us?

What truly genuinely inspires us?

Not what us moves us to create, but what moves us at all, and why? I believe inspiration is one of the most powerful forces out there, following at the tail of Love. It moves us to create beautiful pieces of art, sure, but what about inspiration to exist? Inspiration to be better? Inspiration to help? Inspiration simply to continue to be inspired, to be higher, to be driven? Are we ignoring other moments of inspiration? 

The artist many times leaves the painting to come back to it, to look at it through fresh eyes, to find where the next line needs to take her. Like the artist, sometimes we too must pull back and take a look at ourselves with fresh eyes, to continue to work on the masterpiece that is Us. 

What about when inspiration comes and it isn’t an animating or exalting influence? What happens when it’s a soft whisper, a “what if” that peeps up, and we ignore it or don’t hear it? Are you only listening to inspiration when it hits you in giant waves, when it promises a master piece?

Listen to the times that you get inspired today, when you feel that little animated whisper, what’s it telling you to do? Is there an ultimate creation out there that you could be working on? Is the ultimate creation you? Is there a project you haven’t really known how to take forward but you aren’t listening to the voice within?

Think about the word inspire as a verb. An active influence within you. What’s that look like? 

And now for #LUPA: What will the picture be of? Will you try to capture what inspiration feels like? Or will it be the subject of your inspiration? You can get totally creative because there’s no expectations. Let’s see what comes out. 

All my love,

What do you think?

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