#LUPA – Day One: The End.

Today the LookUp Photo Adventure begins. Click here to find out more about what this is about!

I once read a quote somewhere about how to anyone who didn’t understand the purpose and process of a growing seed, the whole growth of it breaking open might look like painful destruction. It is the end of the seed, and the beginning of whatever plant, flower, or tree bursts forth from its bud. 

So as we BEGIN our 31-day Photo Adventure together, it seems appropriate that we do so on the last day of a month. 

And so fittingly, today’s topic is The End. What cycles have you ended today, this week, or this month, that might simply be the end of a seed and the beginning of a new plant in your life?

I love cycles, and circles. There are no straight lines. Not in time, not in life. There is practice and assumption and very educated guesses, but there is always the possibility –just the whisper of a threat—that things could maybe go a way you had not anticipated, or worse yet had feared would come to pass. So every decision we make is a bit like a near-death experience of our imaginary control that we have to surrender with whether we want to or not. A straight line claims to be predictable, but it is filled with much more uncertainty, whereas cycles promise ends, –yes– but also beginnings. Rebirths. New opportunities. 

What is the visual representation of the end today? Feel free to write a caption or story, or simply take a picture with no comment. But hashtag it #LUPA so I can find it!!!

I can’t WAIT! I am so excited!

All my love,


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