Limits and Boundaries

We take leaps and bounds to avoid our real selves, afraid of what we may see, what monsters we may have created –as if those could be worse than the pain of avoiding who we really are. 

The thing about wanting to become YourSelf and really turning yourself into that Fully and Wholly is that there are times when you need to stay within your Self, and times when you actually may be holding back from your own Youness (much like the “muchness” referred to in Alice & Wonderland). Maybe you think it’s a matter of protection, and you keep attracting into your life the same people you don’t trust, and so you start to believe that no one is trustworthy, because clearly no one you know is, so therefore how do people that are trustworthy exist? 

It varies, it looks differently. How are you holding yourself back? Is it because you are afraid of something? Are you protecting yourself in a practical way? Or has your once effective way of coping now turned into a hibernation of your potential? 

Let’s talk a bit about limits and boundaries…Below is a quick 5-minute video about how I see limits and boundaries. Comment below on some examples of safe boundaries! 

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All my love!