A Course In Self-Love BEGINS SOON!

I gave my first workshops ever in Bogota, Colombia where I talked to people about being empowered and what some of the uses for their tools could be. It was a complete success and it felt so good to see people leave with new tools and new ways of handling things! And now I’m starting a brand new online program so that anyone can join from where they are, except it’s going to be a SIX-WEEK course on self love! That means that every week for an hour we get to really talk about the different tools we can use to empower ourselves, do the activities, read the material, and then the following week talk about the change we made. 

Alida McDaniel, who is my incredibly intuitive career coach/life strategist/good friend, interviewed me and I talked a bit about what I was doing. This was my first interview ever so I was a bit nervous but it was SO exciting! 

This was me launching the website, but I also discuss the program and a bit about what I’m about. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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